Lectures by Illustrator/Artist Shane W. Evans
Photo of Shane Evans A WORD FROM SHANE W. EVANS:
"My books cover a broad range of subjects and styles and appeal to all ages. I've been doing school and library presentations for many years, throughout the United States and the world. Everyone has fun and leaves the interaction with a greater enthusiasm for drawing, writing, reading books, and the power of the imagination."
Photo of Shane Evans PROGRAMS:1) 45 minutes to 1hour plus: Evans has a fundamental program that is comprised of a slide show as well as an accompanying talk. The slides are from his travels throughout the world - Japan, Europe, and West Africa. The slides help one visualize the evolution of his work as an artist and the evolution of Evans as a person through travel. Having attended a workshop in West Africa with artists from all over the world, the influence on his art was profound. Evans shows how it helped propel him into the children's book world and illustration. Evans has found that children of all ages can relate to the visuals and he gears the talk to the age group with which he is speaking. The talks generate a great deal of excitement, inspiration and a number of wonderful questions from participants. In addition, Evans talks about the origins of his drawing interest, the power of the imagination, the importance of reading and creativity, how books are illustrated and published. During a visit, Evans is available for autographing and conversation.

2) (THIS IS AN OPTION) 30 to 45 minutes: For younger children Evans has done some drawing demonstrations and small workshops in addition to shorter slide presentations that show his work process. Programs for all audiences, from kindergarten to parents and everyone in between, are also available. Evans enjoys mixed groups of adults and children and always gears presentations to the specific audience. Length: Programs run from 30 minutes to a full hour, including questions.
Photo of Shane Evans AUDIENCE SIZE: Evans works with audiences of any size. Small groups have the advantage of intimacy and individual rapport, but Evans has also found that he can make an auditorium of 200 plus feel engaged and involved. It is best to have a group of no less than 30, and to have the kids grouped by age. Large groups up to 100 seem to work well. If the auditorium has effective media presentation space and equipment, larger groups can be accommodated.

Evans suggests contacting a local bookstore in your area to order books. They tend to have links to all of his books and this helps build other community relationships. Contact Evans' studio to see what books are available directly through the artist: CONTACT: info@shaneevans.com. Pre-ordering books through the studio allows the artist to pre-sign books for students, faculty and parents, which makes for a better visit.
Photo of Shane Evans FEES:
Fees may vary based on audience size and time requirement. For public and private schools the basic honorarium is $1500 for the day. This includes 2 presentations, questions, and a book signing. Evans will do a maximum of 3 presentations in one day for $2,000. Charges for travel expenses are not included in this price. In these days of tight budgets, it can be helpful for some schools to split a day with another school, booked simultaneously and coordinated by one of the sites. Don't let fees scare you away from requesting information. Mr. Evans's main objective is to inspire and bring creativity and all requests will be considered. Request form. Presentation Set-up/Equipment Needs
1) A slide projector
2) A big screen
3) (Optional) VHS & TV. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your particular needs, call Yukie D. Heard at 816-298-6371, or e-mail info@shaneevans.com (www.shaneevans.com).