Visitor Feedback
4th graders McLure Elementary 4th graders McLure Elementary:
Our class just wanted to thank you for your visit to our school. We have enjoyed your illustrations in the books as we have read the stories over and over again. The kids cherish your "autograph" on our reading stool. It's always so nice when students can put a face to an author or illustrator. It's something they'll never forget.
4th graders Topeka School Visit 4th graders Topeka School Visit:
Shane, your presentation was great! My 4th grade students and I really
enjoyed it. My students got and have many ideas
you shared with them...especially saving candy papers which I have seen
in reports. Cute!!! You did well, Thank you.

Carolyn Cook
4th grade teacher at McClure Elementary School in Topeka, KS
Appreciation of work. Appreciation of work.:
The illustration inspired by Burkina Faso West Africa
of "little minds want to eat but there is no food,"
just tears at me. " I love "a choice I make to encourage all
the devils of the world to bare the heaven under the
cover!" I also love the photos you took in Africa but what
struck me the most were the pictures of South America.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You
totally made my day.

Much appreciation and praise,
Jenn Elston
Blue Valley Library Blue Valley Library:
Dear Shane:
Thank you so much for a wonderful program at the Blue Valley Library
Friday night. Your ability to connect with an audience of all ages was
heartwarming and inspirational. Your slide program was fascinating, but
the question and answer period truly brought out the best in you and
your audience-including a solo singing performance from one of the
audience members! Your artwork is fabulous and you have received so many
compliments from our patrons. Thanks again for a delightful evening-one
I will not soon forget.

Barbara Brand
Youth Services Librarian
Blue Valley Branch
Johnson County
Book lover Book lover:
I just wanted to thank you for teaching at our conference last
week.   Your work is an inspiration to me.   I sat down with my 24 year old
son this weekend, and we enjoyed looking through your books that I had
purchased.   I look forward to purchasing more of your books in the future. 
Tricia Fordham
Elko, GA
Mclure 5th Grade Mclure 5th Grade:
Mr. Evans,
My class and myself thouroughly enjoyed your presentation. You
were able to connect with the students and allowed them to have fun at
the same time. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from your trips and being
able to connect with your style a little better. For weeks my students
couldn't stop talking about you. Even on the last day my students
wanted to draw shannah just for fun.
I was excited to see you and your work. I hope to keep seeing your
work and look forward to your next presentation. Until then good luck
and I hope that God continues Blessing your life and your work. Have a
good summer.

Tammy Beckwith
5th Grade
McClure Elementary
Norfolk, Virginia: Parent University...Fantastic Indeed! Norfolk, Virginia: Parent University...Fantastic Indeed!:
Dear Shane,
What a delight to meet your acquaintance on Saturday, November 6 at The Parent University, sponsored by the Norfolk Public Schools. We are all chosen to share our talents and gifts. You are bringing so much joy, enthusiasm, and love to so many youngsters and adults. Your Spirit and energy is contagious.

The Very Best, Always,
Phyllis Dowling McCants
Perry GA teacher's conference Perry GA teacher's conference:
I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I used to write
children's books for fun, as well as poetry. Thank you again for the wonderful class session that you offered us. Incidently, my son leaves for Chicago on August 19 to persue that degree in Classical Guitar Performance! He appreciated the letterthat you sent in which you were so open and honest about seeking that which you love, no matter what the financial situation may be. I hope that you are doing well.
Sincerely, Tricia Fordham,
Dooly County Elementary School
Ross Elementary Ross Elementary:
I want to tell you, you are an inspiration to all youth. Our children need to see positive roll models from the African American community. As an African American woman, I was filled with pride to see such a intelligent and talent young man. Thank you so much for presenting you talent to our students.

Laura Cluke
Ross Elementary
Music Teacher
Youth Outreach Librarian Youth Outreach Librarian:
Dear Shane –

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the teens at the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center. Your affirmative message about making the right choices was absolutely on target for this group. When I visited JDC two weeks after your program, several of the residents remarked that they’d never thought about how their interest in art could lead to a career. The examples you gave about how your travels and observations from around the world inspire your art gave the kids a lot to think about - and their thoughtful questions confirmed this. This can be a difficult audience, but you had their attention through the entire program. They are in such need of positive role-models they can relate to – and they really connected with you. I couldn’t ask for more.
Thank you again.


Kathy McLellan
Youth Outreach Librarian
Johnson County Library