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School is in session and the bell is going to ring, Just look at all these books and the joy they will bring! There is something for everyone here, you can choose, Surely there’s something you’d like to peruse. Inside of these books there is history and play, Evans is one of the craftiest illustrators today! Traveling all over the world gathering ideas for his books, Evans puts a rainbow of paints in all the crannies and nooks. He has worked with many publishers like Disney's Jump at the Sun, And with Scholastic, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster—WHAT FUN! Shane also works with celebrities like Shaq and bell hooks, Quincy Troupe, Jean Marzola, Angela Johnson—he’s done a lot of books! So hurry up and choose ‘cause the bell’s going to chime, Come on in, look at some art. Have a GREAT BOOK TIME!
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